Description of the terminals

Minneapolis St Paul Airport (MSP) has two passenger terminals: Terminal 1, called Lindbergh, and Terminal 2, referred to as Humphrey.

Terminal 1 is located below the Transit Center, between blue and red ramps.

Terminal 2 is located On the north side of the Orange Ramp. Get there by taking the elevator or escalator from Level 1.

Service is available 24-hours/7-days.

Minneapolis Airport Terminal 1, also known as Lindbergh, has seven concourses: A to G: Gates A: A1 - A14; Gates B: B1 - B16; Gates C: C1 - C27; Gates D: D1 - D6; Gates E: E1 - E16; Gates F: F1 - F16; Gates G: G1 - G22.

Terminal 2 hosts Concourse H along with boarding gates H1 -H14.Both terminals are separated and can be accessed from independent roadways. MSP Light Rail Transit (LRT) connects both terminals, and the service is provided for free.