Light Rail Transit

Service is provided from T1 and T2 and run between Downtown Minneapolis and the Mall of America. Trains depart every 10 min. During peak hours (and not only at this time) run every 15 minutes approximately. Travel time: 12- 25 minutes (depending on your destination).

Airport station locations

Below the Red and Blue Ramps, we have the Terminal 1 light rail station. From the Tram Level (which is located one level below bag claim), passengers can take the tram to the Red and Blue Ramps. After travelers exit the tram, they can follow the signs that lead to the light rail station. The north side of the Orange Ramp-here we can find the Terminal 2 light rail station. From Level 1, near Ticketing, you are available to take the elevator or escalator up to the Orange Ramp skyway. Here are the signs leading to the LRT station. Elevators or escalators are accessible down one level to the station platform. The light rail stations are fully available.


Trains typically run every 10 to 15 minutes and are incredibly comfortable and fast for the customers.